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A downloaded application which is sold at here is a CyberFort direct sale edition (Direct Edition).

Feature of Direct Edition
  • The latest edition can be downloaded earlier than Google Play (Android Market) edition.
  • An update to the minor version is free cost.
  • An installer of this application is preserved in the "download" folder on a SD card.
  • More methods of payment can be chosen.
  • There are no cases that a connection error frequently occurs like Google Play (Android Market).

    Please check the operation of a free Trial application on the cellular phone you use before purchase.
    *When a free Trial application can't be executed out right, this application won't be also executed.

    These are paid applications for use.
    After the cost of the application was paid,
    you'd get license information of the application (download URL and the license ID).
    And you'd be able to download an application,and you'd set its ID into 1 cellular phone.

    *The license information established once can't be changed to other cellular phones.
    *Online activation with a use cellular phone is needed at the time of license setting of this application.
    *Even cancellation of use, the cancellation of the license and other reasons aren't paid back/refund.

    Cost for use
    Product name Cost
    Audio Player WithEQ Platinum (Direct Edition)
    X'mas Big Sale, Until Dec-31-2012.
    Regular cost $ 28.94 USD
    $ 10.18 USD

    Android Direct Edition EULA(End User License Agreement) is here.

    Method of payment

    These correspond to the following method of payment.

    Credit card, Paypal

    You can pay the cost with Paypal used a credit card of Visa, MASTERS and others.
    Please press a "Buy now" button of the use service and follow screen indication.

    You'd request input of your mail address to receive license information on its way.
    We'd send license information to you within 3 minutes after payment completion.
    *Download URL and the license ID are written on license information.
    *If you purchased by eCheck, it will take about 5 days after payment completion.

  • If you don't receive the mail on which license information
    was written even if it passes for more than 3 minutes.
    You'd make a mistake in a mail address. Or a system failure of the internet.
    Contact form, please
    An answer will be sometimes whole next business days in that case, so please accept it.

    Cost for use and a payment button with Paypal.

    Audio Player WithEQ Platinum (Direct Edition):
    X'mas Big Sale, Until Dec-31-2012.
    Regular cost $ 28.94 USD
    $ 10.18 USD