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CyberFort Direct Shop opened on May 5, 2010. Android

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CyberFort of Android Notice

There is a charge for all Android applications of CyberFort except for Trial edition.

  • CyberFort Direct Shop
  • Google Play (Android Market)
    are proper sale and distribution site for the following products.
  • Audio Player WithEQ Platinum
  • Audio Player WithEQ Silver
  • Audio Player SuperLoud Meteor
  • Audio Player SuperLoud Aurora

    CyberFort doesn't admit sale and distribution of a pay edition from the above outside.
    All sale, distribution and download of a pay edition from the above outside are an illegal act.
    CyberFort handles illegal distribution, an sales site, a group and an individual legally.

    And, When using it in unregular installation and the illegal distribution,
    a defect may occur with your cellular phone.
    CyberFort doesn't compensate if damage occurred by this software.