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This help is for the PREMIUM version.

In the following sentences, the following applications will be referred to as "this app" and explained.
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2 Stems 4 Stems (PREMIUM version)

With This App, you can enjoy a new era of music playback with the separator (sound source separation) function that utilizes AI technology.
With this separator function, the sound source (song) can be divided into vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments, and the volume balance of each can be adjusted to your liking.

Unlike adjusting the volume of the frequency band of an equalizer, this function adjusts the volume of each instrument individually, so it is very easy to adjust by focusing on the instrument you want to listen to or the instrument you want to lower volume.

■ Feature
  1. While using this function, the equalizer/surround/time stretch/pitch shift/EQ mode and other sound quality effect functions of this app can be used at the same time.
  2. Also, since this function performs calculations within the device, there is no need to connect to the Internet for this purpose.
  3. Furthermore, since it is played while calculating, there is no need to save to storage.
  4. And it works like real time. It also means that there is no limit duration of the song, and it will work the same even from the playback start position in the middle of the song.
  5. It also supports input and output of various sampling frequencies including high-resolution sound sources.

Example of use
As normal music playback
Adjust the bass and drums to a slightly louder volume and playback the album continuously.

Just like a recording producer, you can easily enjoy remixing and feel a different comfort.
for music practice (1)
Decrease the volume of anything other than your instrument.

You will be able to get a great auxiliary effect for playing by ear.
for music practice (2)
Decrease the volume of only your instrument.

Practicing your instrument along with the playback will also help you in your individual practice.
For karaoke practice
Decrease (turn off) the volume of only the vocals.

It will be fun to practice if you sing along with the playback.


Stem is used as the unit for counting "performance parts".
In this function, 2 Stems and 4 Stems can be selected and used.
  • 2 Stems vocal/others
  • 4 Stems vocal/drum/base/others

Boosts the volume value of all set Stems.
This effect squares the original value, so if it's greater than 1.0, it gets even bigger. And if it's less than 1.0, it's even less.

1.  This function works on models with an OS of iOS 12 or later installed, a CPU with performance of A10 or higher, and a memory of 3 GB or higher.
2.  For this function, it is recommended that there is at least 2 GB of free space in the storage.
3.  "4 Stems" is only available for "Premium Version" (paid version).
4.  Apple Music (DRM, iCloud) sound sources are cooperration playback with the music app, and this function does not work.
5.  When starting playback of this function, there may be a waiting time of 3 to 5 seconds to prepare for the start of this function.
6.  While calculating with AI technology by this function, the play button will be an indicator display to inform you that this operation is in progress.
7.  When using this function, it may not work with 4 Stems due to lack of memory due to the recording state of the sound source or combination with other apps.
8.  If you exit the app while using this function, a waiting time of about 2 seconds may occur immediately after the next startup to prepare for the start of this function. Also, during this time, the play button will be an indicator display to inform you that it is working.
9.  This function uses a lot of memory, CPU resources, and power to make full use of AI technology. Please be more careful about power consumption during playback with this function.
10.  During playback with this function, sound dropouts and noise problems may occur.
11.  Depending on the recording status of the sound source or the tone of the instrument, the sound source separation effect of this function may not be obtained sufficiently, or the sound may be separated into different instruments.

how to use
  1. Select the song you want to listen to
    Please select the song you want to listen to from the song selection view (library) of this app.

  2. Open settings view
    Open the separator (sound source separation) setting view by the following method of your choice.
    (1) Tap (press) "Settings -> Audio Separator" from the player view or song selection view of this app.
    (2) Tap (press) the "Audio Separator" icon at the bottom of the "Practice player view".
    (3) Tap (press) the "Audio Separator" icon at the bottom of the "EZ player view".
    * To change the player view, tap (press) "Settings -> Main View (Pro/EZ/Practice)".

  3. Turn on this function
    Turn on the switch to the right of "On" in the upper right of the screen.

  4. Adjust the volume of each Stem
    Set the sliders for each Stem to your liking. The volume value is displayed to the left of the slider. The original volume is 1.0.

Richer Usage Techniques
  1. Boost
    If the Stem value is 2.0 and the effect is not enough, you can increase the original volume up to 4.0 by turning on the switch on the right side of "Boost".

  2. Presets
    The enhanced preset function will expand your enjoyment even further. Tap (press) the preset name to display the submenu. (Preset selection, unlimited registration of user-created presets, rename, lock/unlock, delete, 9 types of system presets (4 Stems + 2 Stems))
    * A locked preset cannot be changed until it is unlocked. As soon as you edit a locked preset, a new preset is automatically added and becomes editable.

  3. Performance part image
    By pressing the performance part image on the separator screen, you can switch the volume between "0.0 / last set value".
    * You can set it to "1.0" at any time by long tapping.

  4. Absolute value waveform
    Changes the waveform of the playing stem from the normal waveform display to the absolute waveform display.

  5. About crackling and noise
    If the volume of Stem is higher than 1.0, crackling and noise are likely to occur. In that case, the sound quality will be improved by setting the "EQ mode -> Dynamic Limiter" of this app to something other than "Off".
    * Depending on the listening condition of the "Dynamic Limiter" function, the overall volume may be reduced.
    * For the "Dynamic Limiter" operation, it is necessary to set the "preset equalizer" to something other than "EQ Off".

Target sound sources (songs) for this function

Developer: CyberFort LLC, Japan