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With Medley, more fun music!
KaiserTone Medley - CyberFort LLC USD 0.00 (Free)
version 1.0.1.

KaiserTone Medley is a medley specialized player who can experience fun music time. This player is considerated for high function and high sound quality, to ordinary CD sound source and also high resolution sound source.
※It is for the music files that are stored in the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

1. Listen as a medley of songs.
This player plays the selected songs as a medley.
At this time, the previous song and the next song will play comfortably with crossfade.
  • Changable playing time of one song: 30 to 120 seconds
  • Changable Cross fade time: 1 to 20 seconds
  • With "Sometimes Full chorus" mode, fresh for even a long time (On/Off)
  • Cross fading occurs only when the sample frequency, and channel number of consecutive songs are the same, and fade out when it is different.

2. Equipped with a sound engine that also supports high resolution sound source.
This Sound Engine (with Equalizer) has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality. The engine is very fast to pursue a high-quality sound with the frequency of more than 64000.
This engine performs equalizer, virtual surround, cross fader, and reproduces your favorite songs with your favorite high-quality sound.
  • support for playback of hi-res sound source of maximum 768kHz/32bit.
  • support for playback of high resolution sound source of maximum 12MHz/1bit for DSD format.
  • output: The high resolution sound source is downsampled to a maximum of 96 kHz / 32 bits or less.
  • The full performance at Dual Core CPU.
  • Furthermore, 64-bit high-precision arithmetic processing is carried out in iOS models equipped with 64 bit-CPU.

3. Enjoy good design of operability.
KaiserTone Medley has a cool design and good operability.
  • Design theme (24 Colors)
  • Orientation of the player screen (Automatic, fixed vertical and fixed horizontal)
  • Universal compatible

4. Enjoy the many features.
KaiserTone Medley has many features.
It has various functions such as adjustment of sound quality / volume, selection of music selection, screen setting.
Please enjoy it with rock, pop, classical and jazz and all other music.

5. As a trial version of KaiserTone (paid version).
KaiserTone Medley can be confirmed as a trial version of KaiserTone (paid version).
Therefore, some functions will display "This function works only for paid version" message. These functions are limited only to functions as more regular players.

Other Features
■ Playback options
  • Shuffle On/Off
  • Spectrum Analyzer (include Stereo-Mode, size, form, and snow)
  • Twitter NowPlaying (Auto/Manual)
  • Sleep Timer (10 min. Until 8 hour)

■ Volume and sound quality
  • Fine volume, left/right volume, gain adjustment)
  • Preset EQ: Normal, Perfect, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speech, Bass, Mid, Treble)
  • Graphic Equalizer (5 Bands/10 Bands/Spline))
  • Virtual Surround (Reverb))
  • Digital Output Max(Max 96kHz/32bit))
  • Up-sampling ON/Off

■ Selection list
  • for iPod Library, and for high resolution DB
  • Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlists(Create / Delete), Compilations, Composers, Sample Rates, Formats
  • Shuffle, All songs, Search
  • Album Artist Option

■ Other
  • Hires DB (import a file, folder, pkg, or zip by iTunes or AirDrop)
  • Headphone, Bluetooth controller operable
  • AirPlay output operable
  • Show Album Art
  • Pause Fadeout at playback interruption and "next song" (0 to 1.0 seconds)
  • Automatic pause/playback then ringing
  • Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug out
  • Background Playback
  • Resume for the time of the previous start-up
  • URL scheme support (kaisertonemedley://)
  • Show Lyrics (If there is a lyrics in the song file)

* It is for the music files that are stored in the iPhone.
iPod Library: Songs which can play on Apple Music Player (default player in iPhone)
HiRes DB: DSD(2.8MHz〜12MHz/1bit, .dsf, .dff), FLAC(8k〜384kHz/8〜32bit), WAV(8k〜768kHz/8〜64bit), Apple Lossless(8k〜384kHz), AIFF(8k〜768kHz/8〜32bit), AAC(8〜320 Kbps), MP3(8〜320 Kbps), MP4(16〜320 Kbps as Sound), M4V(16〜320 Kbps as Sound)
* It might not to play a song which is DRM protected music.
* It might not to play a song downloaded from Apple Music.
* It might not to play a compression dff file.
* Compatible models:iPhone7, iPhone7Plus, iPhone6s, iPhone6sPlus, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus, iPhoneSE, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, iPhone4s, iPod touch6, iPod touch5, iPad Pro, iPad Air2, iPad Air
* Supported OS:iOS 7 or later
In iOS10, at the time of the first start-up, alert of "“Kaiser Medley” Would Like to Access Apple Music And Your Media Library" is displayed.
At that time, “OK” should be selected for using a song in the iPod Library.

This player uses to playback musics in the iPod Library (iTunes Library).
This library is the data in the media library. In order to use the songs in the iPod Library, this question should have been set to "OK".
※"Don't Allow" was selected, it can not display all the songs in the iPod Library.

■ Resetting Method
Go to the Apple Settings app, Scroll down and Tap the Kaiser Medley, Enable Media Library toggle.

KaiserTone Medley - CyberFort LLC

If you sent your thoughts comments and, additional function about this application to us, we might work more for this app.

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Revision History:
1.0.1.   2017-5-31
  • Update "Sound engine".
    • Improved performance and sound quality
    • WAV format also supports 64 sample bit input
  • Improved ease of use
    • Accelerate check of high resolution DB list
  • iOS support
    • iOS 10.3.2 Operation confirmed
  • Fine-tuning and other enhancements
1.0.0.   2017-3-14
  The new release.

Developer: CyberFort LLC, Japan
For iPhone
For Android